Computer Science

Studied the bachelor in Computer Science at the University of Salzburg. Taught tutorials in algorithms, data structures and formal systems. Thesis about "Symbolic Execution in SELFIE". Completed with distinction and an average grade of 1.2 (weighted by ECTS).

Studied the Computational Engineering master at the JKU Linz. Seminar and Project about "Computer-Generated Music for Traditionally Non-Musical Story Experiences". Thesis about "Efficient Path Generation, Ranking and Scheduling" for Symbolic Execution. Finished with distinction and an average grade of 1.0.

Currently working at Symflower.

Video and Photography

Completed the media certificate of the University of Salzburg with courses on video production, editing, photography and audio engineering.


Enthusiastic amateur-gamer, -musician, and -actor. I like to spend time outdoors and doing yoga.